Hi…It’s been a while!

Hey everyone…I’m pretty sure I get the award for world’s worst blogger…ha! I’ve just been spending pretty much every spare second hanging out with my sweet baby boy, who has quickly turned into a busy, active toddler…it’s so much fun! Rowan is 15 months old today (wow…where has the time gone?), so I figured I’d share a few newer photos of him. First, here’s a quick peek at Rowan’s first year…


And of course I have to share a few photos from Rowan’s 1st birthday…he clearly was not too thrilled about his cupcake!


I took these couple of photos on Mother’s Day…I just can’t get enough of those little feet!


Finally, these photos were taken just a couple weeks ago, while Rowan was helping me scout photo locations.


I’m currently finishing up editing a photo session of a gorgeous mommy-to-be, but I’ll catch up on blogging some of my recent sessions soon. And I also have a new business partnership that I’m super excited about, so be on the lookout for an upcoming announcement about that! 馃檪

Downtown Denver | Colorado Family Photography

I had a blast with Felicia, James, & little JJ during their family photo session in downtown Denver! JJ wanted to run around & get into everything! After wandering around downtown a bit, we finished up our shoot in Tattered Cover bookstore. JJ was so excited…he obviously loves books! And I just love this sweet little family!

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 1

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 2

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 3

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 4

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 5

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 6

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 7

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 8

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 9

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 10

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 11

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 12

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 13

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 14

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 15

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 16

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 17

heather-fairley-denver-urban-family-photographer - 18

Meet Olive & Eliza | Denver Newborn Photography

Meet sweet twin girls Olive & Eliza! These two were so alert and active that I was starting to think we’d never get them to sleep! But when they finally did knock out, they sure seemed to enjoy cuddling with each other! This was my first newborn shoot after coming back from maternity leave, and seeing these two little ones made me realize just how much my baby has grown…they’re only this tiny for such a short time!

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 1

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 2

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 3

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 4

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 5

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 6

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 7

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 8

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 9

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 10

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 11

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 12

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 13

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 14

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 15

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 16

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 17

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 18

heather-fairley-denver-newborn-twins-photographer - 19

The Many Faces of Rowan

Well, I’m officially back from maternity leave! I’m getting ready to post my first photo shoot back, but first I wanted to share some of Rowan’s silly faces…he’s such an expressive baby! For now, I’ll be booking only a very limited number of sessions so that I can remain focused on my family, so be sure to get on my schedule if you’re interested in having photos taken!